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Welcome to my small project website and feel free to check out the projects listed below.
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Propeller Parallax P8X32A DemoBoard
A Project I’ve worked on during University which demonstrates the multi-cog approach of the Parallax Propeller Multicore Microcontroller in combination with my selfbuilt DemoBoard. It emulates the C64's MOS Technology 6581/8580 SID (Sound Interface Device) chip and is able to emulate the data read from an micro sd card. It also displays a terminal over the VGA port which can be controlled via a PS/2 Mouse and Keyboard which allows you to chose the song you want to play. Written in a combination of SPIN and some assembler.
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SmartHome Control
A small smart-home control unit. It uses the ESP8266 WiFi Module to connect to the internet and Data can be exchanged via the internet to control your home. It is also able to read out the current ambient room temperature and display it over the integrated HTTP Server.
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Game Boy Cartridge Reader
A Game Boy Cartridge reader with an Atmel Atmega 32 Microcontroller, that is able to read out the ROM, RAM and Realtime Clock over an virtual serial RS232 Interface.
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Game Boy Emulator
A Game Boy Emulator written in the Go programming language. It's still a work in progress and is being actively worked on.
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Texas Instruments CC2531 AT-Command Firmware
A project I worked on at University for the mobile systems course. The goal was to implement an AT-styled Commandset that communicates over an virtual serial USB interface on the CC2531 using the Open Source IoT Operating System Contiki. Written in pure C.
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Omegle Discord Bot
A Discord Bot that is able to connect to Omegle and interact as a bridge between Discord and Omegle. This bot was written in C#. Sadly this project is now defunct, since Omegle uses now reCAPTCHA v2/3, which makes it impossible for me to handle the received captchas in Discord itself. This project required a MySQL Database, due to it's permission and multi-guild system.
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My personal website made with Nuxt.js, Vue.js and the Vuetify Material Design Component framework
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Bytebeat Synthesizer
A Bytebeat Synthesizer, that is able to make music or simple beats from a single one-line Javascript Expression using the Web Audio API. It is not completely finished yet, but basic functionality is established.
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OpenGL Engine
A very simple graphics engine using OpenGL. I've worked on this project for computer graphics courses. It isn't fully functional, but can render primitive shapes, has a basic lighting and camera system.
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